Is an Acura Extended Warranty Really That Important?

There are good reasons that you’re purchasing an Acura. Maybe it’s because you love the fuel efficiency of the Acura ILX or the seating available in the Acura MDX. It could be the high-tech features in the new RDX or the luxurious appointments across the lineup. And definitely, it’s for Acura’s well-known reliability. So, why would you even consider buying an extended auto warranty? It’s a valid question. But even for some of the best-built vehicles in America, you should look at extended warranty coverage. Here’s why.

Repairs are Getting More Expensive

The average price of vehicle repairs is on the increase. Add to that the high-tech equipment found in vehicles today, and it’s a recipe for costly repairs if something breaks. An engine replacement could easily climb past $6,000. A power steering gear replacement is more than $1,000. And if the navigation radio stops working, it’s could be quite costly too. When you have a vehicle service contract from Acura, known as AcuraCare, it helps you keep vehicle expenses under control – especially the car repairs you aren’t prepared for!

You Get Professional Repairs

For many extended auto warranties purchased elsewhere, repairs are completed at low-cost repair shops that work on all kinds of vehicles. Although they are likely competent, they don’t understand your Acura as well as factory-trained technicians at the dealership. When you have an AcuraCare coverage, you get the skills and expertise of those factory-trained technicians because it’s fixed at a repair facility in an Acura dealership.

It Includes Coverage Beyond Car Repairs

When you buy an extended warranty that’s from an aftermarket company, you never know what will be covered exactly. With AcuraCare car warranties, it goes well beyond just the cost of the repairs. It includes 24/7 emergency roadside assistance, rental car coverage, and trip interruption coverage as well. No matter where you are in the country, you’re taken care of.

Experience the Peace of Mind

Most of all, AcuraCare warranties give you peace of mind. Whether you’re in an SUV or a sports sedan, whether you buy a used car or a new Acura model, the comfort you get knowing that you’re covered for unexpected issues and emergencies is fantastic. No matter which vehicle you’re looking at – a pre-owned Acura MDX or a new TLX, for example – give yourself the best coverage possible before your warranty expires. Visit your local Kansas City Acura dealer to learn about AcuraCare extended warranty for your vehicle.